Otakod.es freelance front-end web developer & Javascript teacher in Paris

I'm Ariel, an experienced front-end and javascript code craftsman freelancing in Paris.

I build web products (websites, web apps and hybrid mobile apps) for people since 2k13.

As a freelance, I charge in € to craft beautiful interfaces for you 👈.

Designers imagine your product, I make it real.

PS: I'm also a programming teacher and trainer 👨‍🏫.

PS 2: Scroll to see more 👇.

You can check out my experiences (resume) on my linkedin

Some things i have built

More about me

I'm 26 years old, I live in Paris (well suburbs, but literally glued to Paris haha), I love teaching and japanese mangas / animes.

You can see what I read or watch here.
You can listen to music I listen to here.

What does otakod.es stand for ?

Otakod.es is the contraction of Otaku and Code.
An otaku is a kind of japanese geek / nerd.

You can contact me by sending a mail to i.a.dorol@gmail.com.